Atalanta and the No-Choice Generation

This blog was originally posted in The Huffington Post on August 26, 2013. Free to Be...You and Me, the iconic 1970s album about gender equality, was the soundtrack to my childhood. Marlo Thomas and a cast of popular actors, musicians and personalities recorded a series of songs and vignettes which challenged stereotypes about what men and women were supposed to look … [Read more...]

The Pill: Ironic Reliance on a Non-Feminist Drug

The Pill: No other drug has the audacity to co-opt a generic word all for itself. Pfizer, the nation’s largest pharmaceutical company, lists over 215 products on its website. Yet the Pill’s notoriety as a female contraception drug is so ingrained in the American consciousness, no other descriptors are necessary. Too bad for that also-ran helper Viagra; the erectile dysfunction … [Read more...]