This section lists years’ worth of content produced through this site since its inception in 2012. The categories include:

Articles – Published. This is a single page list that provides links to all articles written by me that have been published in other outlets such as the Austin American Statesman, Hospitals & Health Networks and Healthcare Financial Management. It also includes articles written about me by other individuals that have been published elsewhere on the web.

Blog. This section includes pages of short commentary related to health care that were only published on this site.

LinkedIn. Check out short articles about selected issues in health care published exclusively on LinkedIn.

Video. This section includes pages of both video and audio from radio interviews and podcasts. There are links to the videos and audio interviews as well as transcriptions of the media.

Other – Archive. This section includes pages of short commentary as well as published articles (mostly from The Huffington Post) about a variety of socio-economic topics. In the early years of this site’s incarnation, I wrote a number of provocative stories inspired by visits to countries around the world including Lebanon, the DMZ (between North and South Korea), Malaysia and New Zealand.

In addition, please check out The Powers Report Podcast, which houses episodes of Janis Powers speaking about different issues in health care.