I am the CEO and Founder of Longitudinal Health Care. We provide consumers with the tools they need to give them more control and financial security in health care. Our long-term vision is to eliminate health insurance. Yup. We believe that advancements in genetics and predictive analytics will enable us to project the diseases and conditions our customers will develop. Once we harness this data, we’ll make traditional health insurance obsolete.

Our first step in this monumental process is to educate and activate our customers. We offer a platform called Know Thyself. Our signature feature is the Over/Under, or O/U. You provide us with some information about yourself – age, sex, location, health insurance premium payments – and we can tell you if you’ve spent too much on health care. Know Thyself is coming to market later this year and it will be free. Sign up for our newsletter or check out our website to stay informed about our go-live.

Longitudinal Health Care was developed after I published my Amazon Bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. The book describes why the current health care system needs structural change and then lays out a “perfect world” model for how it could be. We’re taking the ideas from the book and bringing them to life through Longitudinal Health Care, the company. You can learn more about the book here.

I have spent my career as a health care strategy and operations consultant and have served a full range of providers, all around the country. I am a Yale graduate with masters’ degrees in business and architecture from the University of Michigan. The architecture/business training shaped my analysis of the health care system. I look at things structurally – how the pieces fit together, how people relate to each other, and how money flows through this complex beast that is our health care system. My takeaway from all of this is that we will only drive real change in health care if we impact who is spending the money. When we put control of spending in the hands of patients, they will demand more customized care, seek out better quality and be much more accountable for their outcomes.

A common theme in my work is the alternative perspective I bring to the challenges in health care. Please check out articles, podcast interviews and videos on the Media page of this site. I also invite you to subscribe to my podcast, The Powers Report Podcast. The show showcases my views on different topics in health care in 20-minute talks. The format is different than typical podcasts in that I don’t interview guests. You get my unshackled, candid perspectives on issues ranging from a single payer system to Medicaid expansion to the problem of obesity in America. You can subscribe to the show here.

I speak regularly about the future of health care at events such as South by Southwest, on community panels, and of course, solo talks for corporations and industry groups. Please contact me for rates and terms of service, and check out my YouTube Channel for references.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, the Powers Report, to learn about my latest projects, articles and appearances. You can also find me in the usual social media places, or you can simply visit me here at www.janispowers.com.

Thank you for your interest!