I am the CEO and Founder of Longitudinal Health Care. We are on a mission to eliminate health insurance. Today’s insurance model is based on spreading risk across multiple constituents in the health care ecosystem. We think this model is flawed because there should be very little risk. Advancements in genetics and predictive analytics will enable us to predict the diseases and conditions our customers will develop. Once we harness this data, we’ll know what’s going to happen. Once we know what’s going to happen, we reduce the risk. Without risk, the entire health insurance model should become obsolete.

Prior to Longitudinal, I worked as a health care strategy and operations consultant. I became fixated on health care’s cost accounting problem. The electronic medical records that many providers use are really billing systems, not cost accounting systems. That means there’s a lack of understanding about how much goods and services delivered by providers actually cost. It’s an important reason why consumers can’t get their hands on good pricing information. Addressing this pricing issue is a critical component of Longitudinal’s business strategy.

Longitudinal Health Care was developed after I published my Amazon Bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. The book describes why the current health care system needs structural change and then lays out a “perfect world” model for how it could be. The book serves as a narrative business plan for Longitudinal. You can check out this video of me speaking prior to South by Southwest 2019 to learn more about the book.

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