My conversation with Dr. Jeannette Gallagher – Health care issues we hide from

Discussing the brutal concepts in healthcare that we hide from” is an hour-long conversation I had with Dr. Jeannette Gallagher on Wellness Radio with Dr. J. Dr. Jeanette shares in casual conversation, topics of health, wellness and spirituality to transform your life.

In this talk, we hit on many of the issues driving fear in the minds and hearts of Americans with regard to our health care system. Our advancing age, the high cost of services and concerns about developing irreversible chronic diseases are but a few of the issues we discuss.

Of course, there’s always hope! And Dr. Jeannette and I review ways we can improve the system, much of which relies on increased individual involvement in our health and control over our interaction with the health care system.

Check out the link on Blog Talk Radio here.

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