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This video describes the company Longitudinal Health Care, which was created to being the ideas from my Amazon Bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream to life. Click here to see the video.

Below is text from the video. It has been edited to remove some extraneous words and may include grammatical errors that result from conversational speaking.


When I talk about the ideas in Health Care: Meet the American Dream, this Longitudinal Health Care Plan, a personally financed health solution, people say to me, Are you doing that? Is this something that I can buy? And the answer to that is, Yes! Yes, I am doing that! And I have founded a company. It’s called Longitudinal Health Care and the mission of our company is to bring the ideas from Health Care: Meet the American Dream to reality.

So there’s a big gap between the vision that I describe in the book of what this Longitudinal Health Care Plan is and reality. And I have a roadmap that I’ve designed to bridge those two aspects. I have said pretty emphatically in the book that I feel that this idea must come through the private sector because it has to be tested, tested, tested in the market. We have to get consumer feedback. We have to develop this product in a way that is going to be safe, that’s regulated properly but not excessively, but it is tested in the market.

So then folks say to me, Well, if you’re gonna go do these things, why did you write the book in the first place? I mean you kind of let the state-secrets out. And there are a couple of answers to that.

The first is that I can’t bootstrap this concept. So this requires input from geneticists. There’s all kinds of predictive analytics, so I need technologists. I need input from all kinds of physicians, clinicians. And then I need to tap into some financial wizards. I mean at the end of the day, this is basically a financial services product. I can’t self fund an idea like this so when it’s pitched to investors, it’s out there and it’s basically going to be practically in the public domain. And I can’t control that. So that’s one reason.

Secondly, I’m not afraid of the competition. There are so many variables that go into how this product could come to market. Longitudinal Health Care is going to take it in one direction, competitors, be they individuals, organizations, whatever they may be, they’re gonna go in other directions. We are all, whether we like it or not, gonna help each other lower that learning curve as we bring these products to market. And competition is great for product development and it’s ultimately great for consumers.

But maybe the most important thing is that this isn’t a technology solution. This is a movement. What is necessary to make the Longitudinal Health Care Plan come to life are the cultural changes that need to happen. We need to as a community get more comfortable with the idea that we can self-fund our health care. It’s a huge shift. We’ve got to be more accountable for our behaviors. We’ve got to be more accountable for our health. That’s a huge shift. So I wrote this book – I want people to read it, but what I’m really looking forward to will be the discussions that people have about it. And Longitudinal Health Care, the company, is going to be front and center in those discussions because we need to get the input from people as we develop our products. People need to kick these ideas around. And I want to hear what the feedback is so that we as we’re developing the actual products in parallel to hearing these ideas, we can push this forward and bring this to reality.

So if any of these ideas are getting your synapses snapping, I want to hear from you. I am looking for passionate, dedicated, creative people to help me make health insurance obsolete. I am looking for a team that can help bring the health care to Americans that is personalized. The health care system that they deserve. So please reach out and I look forward to hearing from you.

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