Importance of the American Dream

This video explains how the ideas of American Dream were used to create the alternative model for health care outlined in my Amazon Bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. Click here to see the video.

Below is text from the video. It has been edited to remove some extraneous words and may include grammatical errors that result from conversational speaking.


When I describe Health Care: Meet the American Dream, I explain that it’s a proposal to transform the American health care system based on the principles of the American Dream. Everybody latches onto the idea that it’s a proposal to transform the American health care system because we all know it’s broken but the component of the idea is that I’m using the American Dream as a basis to create this new system. And that’s what makes the ideas and the book a little bit more unique.

So when people talk about the health care system and their challenges with it, they’ll talk about an excessive bill they got from the ER, or a series of tests that were needed to come up with a pretty straightforward diagnosis. And they’ll just say, We need to fix that. And it’s a very bottoms-up view of addressing the health care system. And sure, we need more price transparency, we need a better insurance system. But really what needs to happen is much more of a larger scale structural change to health care.

When we think about that, oftentimes we’ll will look outside of America and we’ll compare ourselves to other industrialized nations. That’s never good for us because the comparisons… almost all the time… we spend more money than other industrial industrialized nations on health care and for most the outcomes ours are much worse than everybody else’s.

So then the logical conclusion would be we should take their system, which oftentimes is a single-payer, government-run system – most of these countries have some component of that although they do have a lot of private insurance. We should just take that single payer idea and apply that over to America. I don’t think that’s a good idea. In fact, in my book I have an entire chapter devoted to why a single-payer system will never work in America and the short story is that we’re too big and we’re too culturally diverse to have a one-size-fits-all centrally run health care system.

So I thought to myself, we can’t just take another country’s health care system and plop it over here in America because no other country is like America. So what is it about us that makes us unique? And if you think about the one cultural theme, it is the American Dream. It’s politically neutral. It really defines the American spirit and I use these ideas of the American Dream to create this new Dream Plan that I call it which has a Longitudinal Health Care Plan in it and it’s a completely different way of looking at the health care system.

The notions are personal accountability, self-sufficiency, a longitudinal view, ingenuity and community support. When you think about the Longitudinal Health care Plan which is this decentralized payment system where you’ve got your own account, all the American ingenuity around research and technology is sort of fused together to create this Conditions Timeline. We take this long term look. If you think about an American Dream it’s, I want to own my own business, I want to send my kids to college, I want to buy a house, I want to be a millionaire and you think to the future about how you want things to be and we should do that for our health, too. We should have this sort of action plan and that’s what’s outlined in this Longitudinal Health Care Plan. But nobody succeeds on their own. Everybody needs help and so this element of community support means that nobody’s left behind in health care system and that is a component of the Dream Plan too.

So as you’re reading the book, I think if you think about the ideas of the American Dream and how these themes weave their way through to the book, I think it will be a more enriching experience for you.

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