An Economic Solution to a Humanitarian Crisis

This article was first published to The Huffington Post on May 20, 2015. Photo credit to Romeo Gacad via Getty Images. "For the displaced of Southeast Asia, the outlook remains dark. Even by the most optimistic estimates no more than half the present refugee population will be resettled in the foreseeable future. What's to become of the others?" That quote is from an … [Read more...]

How the Malaysians Used a Skyscraper to Fool the World

This article was first posted to The Huffington Post on September 9, 2014. Photo of the Petronas Towers on The Huffington Post (and to the left) was courtesy of Janis Powers. Never underestimate the power of good marketing. Politicians need it to win elections. Entertainers need it to gain popularity. Musicians need it to sell tickets. Skilled marketers can spin stories … [Read more...]