My book Health Care: Meet the American Dream is coming out this October!

The global community clamors for American innovation and ideas. But no one wants our health care system.

Americans spend trillions of dollars on health care only to generate some of the worst health outcomes in the world. Addressing health care’s problems with incremental solutions cannot generate the transformational change that’s desperately needed. I offer a visionary alternative—the Dream Plan.

The Dream Plan is a system rooted in the values of the American Dream: personal accountability, longitudinal goal-setting, and community support. The proposal requires a complete decentralization of the current payment system, ostensibly eliminating both health insurance and Medicare while dramatically altering Medicaid.

Some of the thought-provoking points discussed in the book include:

• Why health insurance will soon be obsolete
• Why a longitudinal perspective on health is critical to improving outcomes and saving money
• Why the private sector, not the government, must drive health care innovation
• Why all Americans must brace for rationing in health care spending

The Dream Plan elevates the role of preventative care, creates a more market-based economy for health care goods and services, and shifts more accountability for outcomes to the patient. This ambitious plan reminds each of us of our civic duty to be healthy – not only for ourselves, but for the greater American community.

Please check out the abstract of the book here.

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