I am the founder of Longitudinal Health Care, a company that is designing an alternative payment model for the American health care system. We are using advancements in genetics and predictive analytics to create self-funded personal investment accounts that will allow our customers to pay for their own health care expenses over the course of their lives. While I am very supportive of creative efforts to incrementally change our health care system, my goal is to rigorously pursue pioneering ideas that can bring about dramatic, generational change. Longitudinal Health Care is not just a technology solution or a financial services innovation. It is a movement. You can learn more about the company here.

The company has been inspired by my book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. The book contains a variety of original perspectives created by me about the health care market. As a baseline, I provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial and operational challenges impacting health care. My proprietary description of the functional benefits of health insurance lays the groundwork for understanding why health insurance will soon be obsolete. I explain how simply having health insurance doesn’t make people healthier, and I offer a persuasive, detailed argument against a single payer system. Please contact me to arrange a customized talk, speech or panelist appearance about the health care industry. Please read more about the book here.

To pave the way for market adaptation of the products being developed by Longitudinal Health Care, I advise health care executives on a number of important initiatives that can improve the health care system. As a career health care strategy and operations consultant, I am particularly interested in ramping up cost accounting in the provider space. From a payments perspective, I advocate for innovative models of employer-sponsored health care subsidization. Please read more about the Advisory services offered here.

I bring new ideas to health care because I am not always thinking about health care. I majored in architecture at Yale and earned masters’ degrees in architecture and business from the University of Michigan. I think about how things work, how much they cost, how people are impacted by their surroundings, and what drives human behavior. I’ve been perfectly trained to work in the health care industry despite the fact that I had no intention of doing it when I was enrolled in school. Please check out my professional background here.

Over the years I’ve published articles on a broad range of issues. I’ve waxed poetic about the country of Lebanon, called out the ineptitude of the Malaysian government, got called out by the New Zealand police for speeding and proposed a solution to the global refugee crisis. I’ve even written a novel, Mama’s Got a Brand New Job, about the challenges of working motherhood. But I have always returned to health care. Its complexity and importance continue to pique my interest. I am committed to driving structural change that will improve the lives of all Americans. I invite you to peruse my articles here.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, the Powers Report, to learn about my latest projects, articles and appearances. You can also find me in the usual social media places, or you can simply visit me here at www.janispowers.com.

Thank you for your interest!