I am the author of the Amazon Bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. The book lays out why the current health care system needs structural change and outlines both short and long-term initiatives to radically transform it. My ultimate goal is to make health insurance obsolete. My vision is to leverage advancements in genetics and predictive analytics to create self-funded personal investment accounts that will allow Americans to pay for their own health care expenses over the course of their lives. I call these accounts Longitudinal Health Care Plans, or LHCPs. I’ve created a single payer system – where the single payer is you! You can learn more about the book here.

In order to bring the ideas from Health Care: Meet the American Dream to reality, I have created the organization Longitudinal Health Care (“Longitudinal”). We are developing the products and services necessary to bring LHCPs to market. At this early phase, we are focused on advocacy efforts to ensure market readiness for the LHCP. In particular, we are advocating for improving price transparency, simplifying employer-sponsored health subsidies, increasing personal accountability, and shifting to a more market-based health care ecosystem. Please check out our website or this video to learn more about the company.

To pave the way for market adaptation of the products being developed by Longitudinal Health Care, I advise health care executives on a number of important initiatives that can improve the health care system. As a career health care strategy and operations consultant, I am focused on optimizing how health care dollars are spent to improve patient outcomes. I have expertise in traditional strategy work including assessments, turn-arounds and initiative alignment. Please read more about the Advisory services offered here.

This March, I will be speaking about my book at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. I am available to deliver a customized keynote address, presentation or serve as a panelist for your organization’s next large group event. Topics of discussion include overall industry trends, the impact of policy issues, new technologies and of course, the Longitudinal Health Care Plan. Please contact me for rates and terms of service. My book signing at BookPeople in Austin was co-sponsored by SXSW and showcases my speaking ability. You can watch it here.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, the Powers Report, to learn about my latest projects, articles and appearances. You can also find me in the usual social media places, or you can simply visit me here at www.janispowers.com.

Thank you for your interest!